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After Rohit Sharma's Bizarre Run-Out, Twitter Clean-Bowls Him With Memes

Rohit Sharma’s run-out gave rise to some memes on Twitter.

It was a bad day for a good cricketer. Even though India secured a comfortable win over Sri Lanka in the first ODI yesterday, Rohit Sharma was run out in the fifth over when he lost his bat and did not ground his feet behind the crease. His bizarre run-out disappointed many fans. Here’s how it happened:

However, it also gave way to some hilarious reactions on Twitter, where people soon began to make memes on it. Here is how people of Twitter reacted to Rohit Sharma’s run-out:

Even Aakash Chopra had something to say about the unfortunate way in which Rohit Sharma was run out

In spite of the slow start, India secured an easy nine-wicket win over Sri Lanka in the opening ODI of the five-match series.

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