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'Hope I Get Same Justice Subhash Barala's Daughter Would': Varnika Kundu

Varnika Kundu was chased and stalked by the son of the Haryana BJP President.

New Delhi:  Earlier this month, 29-year-old Chandigarh resident Varnika Kundu’s Facebook post went viral that narrated her harrowing experience of being stalked while returning home late night, chased and stalked by the son of the Haryana BJP President.

After initial reports that CCTV footage was not available and bailable charges against the main accused, Vikas Barala, sustained media focus led to the arrest of Mr Barala and tougher changes against him. Subhash Barala, the state BJP chief, had assured the investigation was not being tampered with and Ms Kundu was “like my daughter”.

Explaining her ordeal on the NDTV Dialogues, Varnika Kundu said the change she would like to see is, “the status of women in the country where women in India are treated like second class citizens”.

Asked about the investigation, Varnika’s father, a senior Haryana-cadre IAS officer said, “It was about two-and-half hours after the complaint that I came to know (about Vikas Barala’s background), some spokesperson called me. Internally I knew that the battle had become much tougher because State machinery can be a juggernaut, but we had decided that we are going to see it through to its end. We are not going to withdraw at any stage irrespective of who the person is.”

He added that the support they have received is not just because he is in the civil services, saying, “I have deliberately kept away from the investigation. I wanted to feel what it’s like to enter the police station as a father of a daughter.”

Kiran Bedi, Former IPS officer and the current Lt. Governor of Puducherry, who was also on the show said there had been initial lapses by the Chandigarh Police who may have been intimidated by the status of the boy.

“If the political leadership believes in rule of law, merit and assertion, the police officer will get the larger message of recording FIRs correctly and fearlessly arresting people who violated the law,” she said.

Gul Panag, Ex-AAP MP candidate from Chandigarh and actor said, “There is no reason why Subhash Barala should resign for the actions of his adult son” and if “Congress or any other political party asks for Subhash Barala’s resignation, its politicising the matter”.

Following massive outrage, Haryana BJP Chief Subhash Barala had said Varnika Kundu was like his daughter to which Varnika wrapped up saying, ‘Hope I get the same justice that his daughter would get in this situation’.