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Kajol Shares Throwback Pic Of Nysa With The Best Caption Ever

Kajol tweeted this pic on Tuesday (courtesy KajolAtUN)

New Delhi: 
It’s always a delight to see Kajol and Nysa together, especially if it’s a throwback photograph. The 36-year-old actress turned over the pitara of old images and out came an adorable one featuring Kajol and Nysa as a kid. “Wish that I could turn back the clock,” Kajol tweeted along with the picture. Kajol’s social media feed is routinely refreshed with posts featuring her children – Kajol and her actor husband Ajay Devgn are also parents to a son named Yug, 6. On Nysa’s birthday this year, Kajol Instagrammed another blast from the past featuring Nysa as a young girl. “It’s always been your smile,” is how she had captioned it.

This is the throwback gold from Nysa’s birthday:

 Kajol clearly appears comfortable sharing photographs of her children on social media but had told mid-day she’d be furious if the paparazzi ever make them uncomfortable. Nysa is Kajol’s favourite person to hang out with and the mother-daughter duo are often spotted stepping out together for brunch parties, shopping ventures and parlour sessions. The cameras, who appear overtly interested in the lives of star kids, are always delighted to spot the two together, about which Kajol had told mid-day: “We signed up for this, they didn’t.” She had also added: “We can only protect our kids to a certain extent. I hope I have brought up my kids well enough to handle that pressure. They are born to stars and that is something they can’t change.

Previously, Kajol has featured in headlines for being trolled by Nysa, who wrote “Why do you have to be so extra” on a meme shared by the actress. LOL. “My daughter has a fantastic sense of humour. Love her sense of humour. She just keeps me in splits most of the time. She is so, so witty. Sometimes she is a little sarcastic and she’s so funny,” Kajol had told NDTV.

Earlier this year, Kajol told news agency PTI that Nysa is “too young” to consider joining Bollywood already. “She has no aspirations towards anything right now because she is too young. She is right now leaning towards no homework and vegetating on the sofa. She is in that space and enjoying and acting isn’t on her mind,” PTI quoted Kajol as saying.

Kajol’s new movie VIP 2 marked her comeback to Tamil cinema after two decades and released in Hindi as VIP 2: Lalkar on August 18.