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Man Killed Inside Delhi Police Station By Neighbour During Fight

A man was killed inside a police in elhi’s Ambedkar Nagar. (Representational)

New Delhi:  The birthday celebration of a 12 -year-old girl went horribly wrong after her father was allegedly killed by a neighbour inside southeast Delhi’s Ambedkar Nagar police station in the early hours on Tuesday for not treating him with alcohol. Following the incident, the station house officer of the police station has been sent to the district lines, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) Romil Baaniya said.

A sub-inspector and a constable posted there have been suspended and directed to report to district lines, he said.

The administrative action was taken against the personnel for failing to prevent the killing inside the police station and for allowing both the parties to enter inside the investigating officer’s room which is not allowed, the police said. Vishal, 22, had asked Anil, 34, to treat him with liquor since it was the birthday of the latter’s child. But when Anil refused, it led to a disagreement between them, a police officer said.

The police were informed about the incident and the quarrelling duo was brought to Ambedkar Nagar police station.

Once inside the investigating officer’s room in the police station, the two started fighting again. The police personnel intervened but Vishal attacked Anil with a file clip, the officer said.

Vishal was arrested from the spot while Anil was rushed to AIIMS Trauma Centre where the doctors declared him “brought dead”, the police said.

The victim’s brother Jawahar said that Anil had organised the party for his eldest daughter’s 12th birthday last night. Jawahar, who stays a lane away from Anil’s house, could not go to the party since he has a limp.

Anil worked as a driver and had three children — two daughters and a son.

Jawahar said that when Anil went to see off his guests, Vishal, who was drunk, asked Anil why he was not invited to the party and insisted that he should be treated with a liquor party.

But when Anil did not pay heed to him and tried to go inside his house, Vishal got enraged and attacked Anil with a rod, the deceased’s brother said.

Anil and his wife Lovely, who intervened, sustained injuries, he said.

Lovely informed the police and the duo was taken to the police station around 1 am. Anil’s family members and Vishal’s uncle also accompanied the duo to the police station.

Jawahar said that they were waiting outside while Anil and Vishal were taken to a room upstairs in the police station.

After an hour or so, they were informed that Vishal and Anil had attacked each other and both were injured, he said. “However, Anil was the only one who was injured. Vishal did not sustain any injuries,” Jawahar alleged.

“After an hour my brother was attacked at the police station he was taken to the hospital. Had they taken him to a hospital in time, he might have been saved,” he said.

The police said that these allegations are also being probed and a report is expected in the matter in the next 48 hours.

Alleging that Vishal would always pick up quarrels with people in the locality, Jawahar said that they never expected a small quarrel would lead to his brother’s death.

“We were hoping that Vishal and Anil would reach a compromise and the matter would be resolved at the police station. Never did we imagine that we would see Anil dead,” he said.

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