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Aadhaar Will Come Out With Flying Colours: Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nilekani welcomed the Supreme Court judgement and expressed confidence in Aadhaar (File)

Bengaluru:  Nandan Nilekani, the new Chairman of Infosys and Aadhaar architect, today expressed confidence that the biometric identifier will sail with “flying colours” as it addresses the design principles laid down by the Supreme Court with regard to privacy.

In his maiden address to investors, hours after he began his second innings at Infosys, Mr Nilekani responding to a specific query on the Supreme Court verdict said: “I think it’s a superb decision”.

The apex court, yesterday, ruled that privacy is a fundamental right and an intrinsic part of Right to Life and Personal Liberty.

“I think, while it has upheld privacy as a fundamental right, it also acknowledges that in the interest of larger societal reasons, you may have some constraints on them,” he said.

A panel headed by Justice B N Srikrishna has been tasked to recommend a framework for data protection, he noted. “I think, basically, the court has said properly that it is a fundamental right but not an absolute right. They have also defined a set of considerations on which it can be done,” he said.

Mr Nilekani observed that actual Aadhaar matter is going to go to a smaller bench, and said he is “confident that Aadhaar will come out with flying colours because it addresses all the design principles laid down by the Supreme Court”.

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