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Journalism University In Madhya Pradesh To Build A Cowshed On Campus

Journalism University In Madhya Pradesh To Build A Cowshed On Campus

New Delhi:  In a bizzare turn of events, the state-run Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication in Madhya Pradesh has decided to build cowsheds on two acres of its land in order to provide ‘fresh milk’ to the students and staff at the campus. The University is moving into a new 50 acre campus in Bishankhedi which is just on the outskirts of Bhopal. Of the 50 acres area, two acres are too low lying and hence not fit for any construction to be possible.

To utilize this unusable portion of the land, the university has come up with the idea to build a cowshed on it. The University administration said that it does not have the expertise to run a ‘gaushala’ and it will depend solely on the person running the cowshed to decide on the number of cows to be had and how to run the place. 

The University does not plan to start any course or program on animal husbandry and only intends the cowshed to provide milk and curd for the students living in hostels and the staff staying on the campus. The plan is also to set up a biogas plant to produce fuel. 

Students seem unimpressed by the decision and say that the university lacks on major infrastructure points and instead of solving these issues, the decision of building a cowshed seems unthoughtful. 

The University currently runs 21 courses related to journalism and communication and has a strength of about 1600 students. 

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