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In Rain-Hit Mumbai, Offers Of Food And Shelter Via Twitter

Mumbai rain: Officials have advised residents to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary

As heavy rain lashed Mumbai in what could be the worst bout of rain since July 26, 2005, its residents displayed the indomitable spirit the city is known for. On Twitter, Mumbaikars came forward to help fellow residents with generous offers of food, water, chai and even shelter. began opening their homes and offices to stranded strangers as the city came to a virtual standstill. The hashtag #RainHosts soon began trending after many tweeted with offers to host people as rain battered the city.

The thread was created by Twitter handle @CruciFire. In about two hours, several others joined in

A spreadsheet compiling tweets from all the #rainhosts was put in place.

The city has been witnessing incessant rain since morning and the weather conditions could prevail for the next 48 hours. National Disaster Response Force teams have been kept on stand-by in case the flooding gets worse. Officials have advised people to stay at home unless really necessary. The city is seeing heavy traffic jams and train tracks submerged in water as a result of the deluge.

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