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Watch: Thieves Fail To Smash Glass Door With Hammers, Leave Empty-Handed

Three robbers failed to smash down a glass door, drove away empty handed

CCTV footage has captured three men bungling up a robbery attempt by failing to smash down the glass door of a jewellery store. The incident took place in Melbourne, Australia, on June 5, and the CCTV footage was recently released by the Eastern Region Crime Squad in a bid to catch the failed criminals, reports the Herald Sun. The video shows three masked men repeatedly striking at a glass door with hammers – over thirty times in a span of two minutes – before giving up and driving away empty-handed.

Watch the video below:

The Herlad Sun reports that nobody was hurt and nothing was stolen in the robbery attempt.

In July this year, a similar incident had taken place in Malaysia when robbers failed to smash open a jewellery case.


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