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Man Tweets Mumbai Police About Car With 'Lal Batti'. See The VIPs Inside

A man tweeted Mumbai Police about a car using the now-banned red beacon

When it comes to cheeky, witty tweets, Mumbai Police leads the pack on the microblogging website. Their over-3-million followers are a proof of their popularity, especially with the youth. The Twitter handle has been behind several successful online campaigns that often rely on puns from popular culture. Be it the Baahubali-inspired campaign to create awareness about traffic rules or the #HolyHoli hashtag on the festival of colours, their Twitter strategy has been a win right from the start. Apart from their punny tweets, the Twitter handle also actively replies to all queries, feedback and complaints.

One such complaint came from a Twitter user who tweeted photos of a car using the now-bannedlal batti. In April this year, use of the infamous red beacon by politicians and government officials was banned with the exception of ambulances, fire engine and police vans. The man promptly tweeted photos of the defaulter, also tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in the tweet.

“VIP culture. The occupants claimed that it is bomb squad & is permitted. Laughable,” he informed in the tweet.

The following day, Mumbai Police responded with information about the occupants.

“Sir, D (sic) VIPs in d (sic) car R (sic) Max & Tyson who indeed have d (sic) permission to choose the fastest route as they r (sic) on call & rushing to sniff a bomb out!,” said the tweet.

Along with the tweet, adorable photos of the “VIPs”, which we guess means – Very Important Puppers, right?

And it’s safe to say the complainant and others on Twitter were fully satisfied with the response.

During the recent flooding in Mumbai after heavy rain battered the city, Mumbai Police won praise for their quick response to the situation. While cops on the ground worked tirelessly to help stranded commuters, the force also actively monitored social media traffic to help people if necessary.

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