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In Madhya Pradesh Hospital, Pregnant Woman Gets Treated Under A Tree

A woman on a hospital bed being treated in the open in Madhya Pradesh.

BHOPAL:  A saline drip hanging by the branch of a tree under which she lay, a pregnant woman rushed to a government hospital in Madhya Pradesh for delivery was being treated in the open, reportedly because there is no space inside. Hospital staff reported strung the IV drip that Pooja had to be given to the tree under which she was told to lie on a metal-top bed outside, without a mattress or hospital linen.

The shocking incident, which occurred on Wednesday evening in Biaora, a town 150 km from the state capital Bhopal, has sparked outrage and forced the authorities to probe the circumstances under which this happened.

“We have seen the photographs that have emerged. I have issued notice to the nurse who was in-charge yesterday,” Dr SS Gupta, who heads the 30-bed health facility, told NDTV.

He added that a pregnant woman who needed a saline drip should not have treated in the open “under any circumstances”.

But Dr Gupta hinted that the nurse may not have had much of a choice.

For a hospital that had only 30 beds, health workers have had to admit three times as many due to a spike in flow of patients suffering from different ailments. This means that patients had to share beds and the rest, had to huddle on the floor.